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Atkins-Sutcliffe Eyecare is an independent opticians.

We offer extensive and professional eye tests, including NHS sight tests and more.

We also have an excellent range of designer frames, so if you are due for your eye test and want to see the best eyecare specialists contact us today.

Our sight test includes:

- careful eye examination

- health check of your eyes

- eye pressure

- visual field test if required

- pre and post cataract assessment if required

- check for diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma and any other eye symptoms

- dry eye assessments and treatments

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries regarding:

- your eyecare

- your child's/children's eyecare

- the health of your eyes

- booking an appointment for you or your child/children

- frames and fashion

- contact lenses

- any other eyecare products

- any concern about your eye sight

All private and NHS customers are given a warm welcome.

Children's eyecare

It is vitally important for children to have regular eye examinations to ensure that any vision problems are diagnosed early enough and if needed vision correction by provision of spectacles. 

Children's eye examinations are provided free by the NHS and there are a selection of free frames available. We also have a comprehensive range of stylish frames for an additional charge.

Our aim is to provide spectacles that your children will be happy and proud to wear.

You are entitled to an NHS eye test if you are:

- 60 and over or under 19*

- diagnosed with diabetes or glaucoma **

- receiving certain benefits

You will be asked to show proof of your entitlement to receive NHS eyecare.

*All 16's and under are entitled and under 19's in full time education.

**Over 40 with an immediate family member with glaucoma.


We have an extensive range of frames to suit


If you want something traditional or exclusive you will find it in our practice.

See Frame Gallery.

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